Making Time

How many times have you heard, “I don’t have time to work out. My days are too full”. That is the biggest hurdle for most people; trying to squeeze in a run or some kind of a daily fitness routine. We all have busy lives, but there is a way to include your workout, it just begins with a commitment.

I find the best time for me is early morning. When I was raising our boys and our schedules were crazy, I would wake early, sip a big mug of coffee and run out the door, returning home before it was time for breakfast. If I waited until the end of the day, when the boys were home from school, I never had enough energy left. There was homework, sports, dinner, and time with my husband. Occasionally, I would have a late day workout, but I found my energy levels were highest in the morning and if I woke early and headed out the door before I could make an excuse not to, I felt energized when I came home and ready to face the day. As they say, busy people get things done and you just have to make your mind up and get motivated. After the first few days, you adjust to your new schedule and I bet you will find you look forward to those early mornings, when most people are still in bed and you have the morning to yourself. How nice is that?

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