Crash! Seacrest Tobay Tri- Featured in the book Against the Wind


    • leedip Reply

      yes, the story is told in my book!! I m sure I was in a daze when i picked myself up and finished the race. Crazy !

  1. Tim DiPietro Reply

    Mom is obviously new to this blog thing and forgot to provide an explanation of what actually happened here, so seeing as though we were standing 5 feet from her when this happend I might as well help her out. While biking was never her strong part, she was not so bad that she would just go over the handle bars on flat ground for no reason…. Upon coming into the transition area, a race official yelled thru a megaphone at about ten thousand decibles “Dismount now or be disqualified”, she simultanisouly hit a small pothole and with her hands already on her brakes the starteling combination resulted in her squeezing down hard on her brakes in panic and going over her handle bars. As the video shows, she went on to finish the 5k run with her thrumb tucked into her shirt, what it doesn’t show is that she actually finished first woman, after which she was put in an ambulance because her colar bone was actually sticking out of the back of her shoulder… Impresive? Yes. A little crazy? Absolutely!

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